Want to Buy Disk Drives - Listing

Toshiba Brand New HDD & SSD

Buyer Name II APPS LIMITED  (Hong Kong)
Product Name Toshiba Brand New HDD & SSD
Quantity 2000+pcs
Details Toshiba HDD EXT TOSHIBA 1TB HDTB410EK3AA Toshiba SSD TOSHIBA 480GB TR200 25SAT3-480G Toshiba SSD TOSHIBA 240GB TR200 25SAT3-240G
Posted Date 2019-06-20


Buyer Name RUTILL COMPUTERS  (Kazakhstan)
Product Name DVD-RW
Quantity 1250
Details DVD-rw with 2.0 USB is needed.
Posted Date 2019-06-14

SAS Drives 2TB Pulled

Buyer Name II APPS LIMITED  (Hong Kong)
Product Name SAS Drives 2TB Pulled
Quantity 5000+pcs
Details Need in large qty SAS Drives 2TB Pulled must be functional
Posted Date 2019-06-13

Pulled 2.5"/3.5" Drives

Buyer Name II APPS LIMITED  (Hong Kong)
Product Name Pulled 2.5"/3.5" Drives
Quantity 5000pcs
Details WANT TO BUY Pulled 2.5” 500GB for laptops Pulled 3.5” 500GB, 1TB, 2TB or LARGE STORAGE Please offer BEST PRICES!!!
Posted Date 2019-06-12

SCSI Seagate 3.5"

Buyer Name LANDWAY LIMITED  (Hong Kong) Premium Member
Product Name SCSI Seagate 3.5"
Quantity 1000
Details We buy any 3.5" Seagate SCSI LW, welcome your offer and my contact is josep at landwayltd dot com.
Posted Date 2019-06-06


Buyer Name NIRVANA GROUP LLC.  (Azerbaijan)
Product Name SSD and HDD
Quantity 1000
Details I want SSD and HDD.
Posted Date 2019-05-29