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Here you can find the buyers and suppliers of Used computers, printers and all other components.

Trade leads of Used Computers

selling RECYCLY TECH LT [UK]  Selling:  Dell Optiplexmember
selling LEDMAX ELECTRON [Romania]  Selling:  200pcs Lenovo M93 sff i3 4130 ...member
selling ALL BIROTIC DEV [Romania]  Selling:  HP 6300 Promember
selling LEDMAX ELECTRON [Romania]  Selling:  698pcs Hp 6305 sff / Tower Bar...member
selling ALL BIROTIC DEV [Romania]  Selling:  HIGH END LAPTOP DELLmember
selling NESA TECH LTD [Great Britain]  Buying:  DELL -HP i5 PCmember
selling INFINITY TECH S [Senegal]  Buying:  HP 840 G1,G2?G3
selling MJ TRADERS [Pakistan]  Buying:  Used Computers & hard drives
selling SHIELAS IMPORT [Netherlands]  Buying:  HP desktops c2d/dal core 7800