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Here you can find the buyers and suppliers of Used computers, printers and all other components.

Trade leads of Used Computers

selling INTERLINK GROUP [Romania]  Selling:  Fujitsu E520 I3-4130 / 4GB / 5...member
selling LEDMAX ELECTRON [Romania]  Selling:  50pcs x Dell 3050 Tower i7 670...member
selling RECYCLY TECH LT [UK]  Selling:  Intel NUC Celeron 847 & Celero...member
selling ATX COMPUTERS G [Romania]  Selling:  HP 6200 I3 2100 4GB 250GB SFF ...member
selling LEDMAX ELECTRON [Romania]  Selling:  90pcs x Lenovo M710Q Tiny i5 7...member
selling VOSCOMTRONICS [Netherlands]  Buying:  Dell Latitude E5550 notebooks
selling VOSCOMTRONICS [Netherlands]  Buying:  Lenovo T460(s) i5 notebooks
selling VOSCOMTRONICS [Netherlands]  Buying:  Lenovo X270 i5 notebooks
selling LABONNE AFFAIRE [France]  Buying:  Apple MacBooks/iMacsmember
selling EZ GLOBAL TRADI [USA]  Buying:  Laptops/ ipads/ iPhones/ iMacs...