CPU - Exporters & Importers

Here you can find the suppliers and buyers of CPU like Intel, AMD and others.

Trade leads of CPU

selling EXPERT COMPANY [Romania]  Selling:  1600 x Intel W3503member
selling AMOLI GROUP [Hong Kong]  Selling:  Xeon E5-2643v4member
selling EXPERT COMPANY [Romania]  Selling:  500 x E5-1603member
selling AMOLI GROUP [Hong Kong]  Selling:  CELERON G5905 SRK27 CPU BOXmember
selling I-TECHNOLOGY GL [Hong Kong]  Selling:  Intel CPU i5 4460
selling FAST NET DEVELO [Philippines]  Buying:  Intel Pocessor G5400
selling KMT DISTI [Ukraine]  Buying:  AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X
selling CIPCO GMBH [Germany]  Buying:  Intel Core i7 9700K
selling QUALSEMI TECHNO [Singapore]  Buying:  Intel 999TK (NHJ4G)
selling LA MICRO LTD [UK]  Buying:  SRF9P - 8280 - GRADE Amember